The Affordable New Alternative to the

Old-Fashioned E-Collar 

Prevent Licking and Chewing at Surgical Sutures or Hot Spots with the New Cover Me by Tui Post- Surgery Pet Garment! The new patent-pending Cover Me by Tui is a post-surgery pet garment designed to keep your pet from licking or chewing at surgical sutures and hot-spots. Get all the benefits of those bulky lamp shade e-collars without the negative side-effects


Features & Benefits

Prevents licking & Chewing at surgical sutures & hot spots

Comfortable, breathable,washable cotton material.

Built-in "Potty Cover" for quick & conventional trips outside.

Available in two styles: Step-Into & Pullover.

Free your Pets of the E-Collar!

Seven Sizes to choose from in short or long sleeves



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